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With integration between 3dsmax and Shockwave 3D you can now put interactive content on the web with physics, collision detection and freedom of movement within any environment.  This technology also allows for 3D product displays, virtual tours, educational demos and sales tools with interaction and immersion like never before. 

Wanna do some great work together?  Contact me at Anderson Grimes Melton, Northern Nevada's leading production and post production facility.  Visit us online at or call (775) 882-2468.

Interested in the 3d models seen here?

Check for availability on Turbo Squid.




Take a spin in my virtual VW.  Use the arrow keys and the "F" key to flip the vehicle if you roll it! This simple test shows how global illumination, textures and shadows can be "baked" into interactive files to increase realism while at the same time provide a real time experience on normal desktop hardware.

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